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ökoNORM - Nawaro SOFT Modelling Dough, 4 Colour Set "Ecofee"

£9.40 £11.75

Extra soft modelling clay made from renewable raw materials. With ökoNORM's soft modelling clay even small children can easily bring their ideas into shape. 

Colours:rose, pink, violet, cyan, 150g each cup

Starts to dry after 1 day on air and hardens after 2-3 days. Shrinks by 10 % after drying, retaining its original colour.

To re-soften, wrap the dried clay with a wet a cloth.

The practical cup protects the clay from drying out.

Soft-modelling clay is water-soluble and washable.

Warning: Not food! Do not eat! Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults.

With the entry of dirt or bacteria the natural product can spoil and turn mouldy.

Ingredients: wheat flour AS, salt, alum, urea, potassium sorbate, natural colour extracts and identical to natural food and cosmetic colorants, food preservatives, bitter substances: denatonium benzoate.

The nawaro SOFT-modelling clay is lactose-free, but it is not gluten-free.