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ökoNORM - Nawaro Pastel Oil Crayons "Maya" 10 Colours In Metal Case

£10.40 £13.00


The wax crayons have high covering property and good abrasion. High-quality nawaro wax crayons will stimulate your imagination and promote creativity. For children, artists and creative minds.

ökoNORM is a unique producer of ecologically friendly nawaro products. Abbreviation nawaro comes from German Nachwachsende Rohstoffe that means renewable raw materials. nawaro products are made from sustainable resources, environmentally friendly and absolutely non-toxic.

Diameter: ca. 12 mm, Length: ca. 85 mm


Vegetable stearines, pure beeswax (more than 25%), purified champagne chalk, lanolin (wool fat), silica acid, high share of food paint, with well-chosen organic pigments, stabilized earth- and mineral pigments