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ökoNORM - Nawaro Finger Paints, 4 Colour Set "Princess" (Rose, Pink, Violet, Cyan)

£12.00 £15.00

Natural bright paints made from renewable raw materials.

Colours: Rose, Pink, Violet, Cyan, 150g each cup

For painting with fingers, brush and a sponge on paper, glass, wood or and other surfaces.

Easy to apply. Can be mixed with other paints from the same set.

The creamy consistency prevents dripping.

Excellent covering and improved glossiness.

Suitable for different painting techniques favoured by the children, such as finger painting, dot painting, engraving, putty painting, stamping, cork or leaf printing and many more.

Nawaro finger paints are made to promote creativity of the young and curious minds.

The finger paints are water-soluble and washable.

To remove the remaining paint from skin, wash with soap and warm water. Stains on textiles can be removed by washing.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Contains small parts. Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults. Please note, the product is not intended as food. Do not eat.

Ingredients: Natural food and food additives, including food colorants, purified chalk and food preserver Phenoxyethanol. Bitter substances: denatonium benzoate. Colors: Natural and identical to natural pigments, food or cosmetic grade.