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Kitpas - Dustless Chalk - Basic Colours


Set of 6 Kitpas Chalk in yellow, pink, green, blue, violet, and white

Kitpas turn discarded scallop seashells into a clean, fine powder and blend them with calcium carbonate to create an all-natural chalk product with a smooth, soft texture unlike other chalks.

Kitpas have been making quality art materials for over 80 years since founding in 1937 as a manufacturer of dustless chalks. Their chalk products began as regular hard white chalks made from calcium carbonate then in 1967 they expanded their production and added a factory in Bibai-shi, Hokkaido.

Bibai-shi, which translates to, beautiful shell city, had massive waste piles of scallop shells that were causing serious environmental issues. To Kitpas it seemed only natural to reduce, reuse and recycle this material. With the help of local government they developed a patented process to recycle these shell byproducts.

The use of powdered shells had the additional benefit of making Kitpas Chalks stronger, smoother, and longer lasting! It's no surprise that more than 60% of the chalks currently used by schools in Japan are Kitpas Chalks.

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