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Social and Environmental

Conventional cotton production methods are environmentally unsustainable. In addition, conventional cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. The pesticides and fertilizers that are used pollute the environment and their chemical residues stay in clothing once they have been manufactured.

Apart from the environmental effects of conventional cotton production, the fashion industry is synonymous with the 'throw-away' culture. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, as well as responsible for the unfair working conditions of millions of people.

The brands that we have chosen to work with strive for sustainable production. Apart from the environmental aspect, we select the brands that we work with based on their commitment to ethical production (i.e. fair living wages, safe working conditions and practices, etc).

When choosing clothes to sell in our shop, we look for high quality clothes with longevity in mind, garments that have the potential to be handed down to siblings (i.e. rolled hems, straps can be adjusted, kids can grown into the clothes, etc.).

Please go to our Behind the Brands page to learn more about the brands that we love working with.


Most of the garments delivered to us are individually packed in plastic bags to protect each one during transport.

We take on the accountability for ensuring none of the plastic packaging end in landfill. We achieve this by using Terracycle who are committed to ensuring zero waste is taken to landfill. Using Terracycle is a cost that we bear and we do not pass this cost to our customers.

This is why for our online orders, our clothes are packaged in recycled tissue paper and all our packaging materials are 100% recyclable.



The packaging we use are all recyclable cardboard boxes. 

We do not use fancy, printed cardboard boxes either. Also, we only use paper tape.

Please reuse/recycle the boxes that you receive from us. What you can do with them is endless! You can reuse them for your lovely presents for friends and family or reuse them as storage boxes, etc.

They are also very sturdy for your kids’ arts and crafts (i.e. you can make small rockets, hats, masks, 3D animal models, pirate ships, mini-puppet theatre, etc.) … all you need is a bit of imagination and determination!