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Rather Lather


Rather Lather was started by a mother for her family after finding it difficult to find products that didn’t irritate their children’s sensitive skin and eczema.
After researching what ingredients went into products that claimed to be mild, zero, or baby ranges and being shocked by what she found they decided to try and make their own natural soap from scratch, so they  knew exactly what was going onto their skin.
And the result…..
What a difference! Skin was so much better, it felt moisturised as well as clean! There was no skin itching or irritation that had previously always been the case! Moisturised as well as cleansed and smelt so fresh, goodbye shower gels, natural soaps was the way to go!
With 100% recyclable packaging and zero plastic. Even down to the sticky tape. Soap and shampoo bars reduce plastic waste and are a great alternative to traditional shampoo and shower gels.
Made with natural ingredients
Cruelty free
Free of SLS, Paraben and Palm Oil