Size guide

The size guide should be used as a guide as each child is unique. Also, there are slight sizing differences between brands and between countries. 

Generally we recommend that you measure your child's height and use this as a guideline along with the size guide below rather than just using your child's age to gauge the most suitable size.

Please rest assured should you purchase the wrong size you can return for free for all UK orders.

European  UK Sizes
56cm newborn
62cm 0-3 months
68cm 3-6 months
74cm 6-9 months
80cm 9-12 months
86cm 12-18 months
80-86cm 12-18 months
86-92cm 18-24 months
92-98cm 2-3 years
98-104cm 3-4 years
104-110cm 4-5 years
110-116cm 5-6 years
116-122cm 6-7 years
122-128cm 7-8 years
128-134cm 8-9 years
134-140cm 9-10 years
140-146cm  10-11 years


Poppik was born in 2016, the creation of Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin. 

With a background in youth publishing they came up with the concept of producing educational content on fun and exciting posters, and puzzles. 

Poppik seeks to create a bond in families, to cultivate the pleasure of being together, cooperating, laughing, and playing. 

Poppik collaborate with a number of artists, each bringing their own unique style to each of the designs. 

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