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Hautfarben Buntstifte

Skin Colour ≠ Pink! Each of us is unique and that is a good thing. With Hautfarben Buntstifte’s Skin Tones, children can finally paint themselves and their friends the way they really look like. Their Skin Tones products help parents and educators in ensuring a much better representation in education and to break stereotypes. Because the lonely pink coloured pencil from the conventional coloured pencil sets does not live up to its name.

On the way to a more open society, many different approaches are needed. With Skin Tones, Hautfarben Buntstifte are focusing on the youngest members of our society. Through their products, children can discover the value of diversity for themselves.

Because children are born without prejudices. In order to prevent stereotypes from being learned unconsciously at a young age, education and awareness-raising by us as parents, educators or caregivers play a major role. This way, we make an important contribution on the way to a more open, prejudice-free society.


With your purchase you are helping people in Germany. Because the proceeds from the sale of the Hautfarben Buntstifte products go 100% into the charitable projects of GoVolunteer e.V.

For example, discover the project "Engagierte Newcomer:innen", with which GoVolunteer enables refugees and migrants to participate more in society and a quick start in the German labour market.

Sustainable products

Sustainability, safety and the high quality of skin tones products are Hautfarben Buntstifte’s top priority - and are evidenced by appropriate product seals. All products are produced in Germany and Denmark under fair working conditions.

The coloured pencils have a special graphite protection (ABS) and are made of PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

Product safety is certified by the CE seal.


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