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 Eggnogg was founded by designer and illustrator Kate Edmunds in 2009.  After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in Graphic Design, Kate worked for ten years in television videographics. When she left to start raising a family, she continued her creative career by setting up Eggnogg.

Inspired by trips to pizzeria's whilst living in Italy, where waiters would place paper tablecloths on the table with crayons for the kids to draw on. 

They loved drawing, but there was little to inspire them on the sheets which were simply covered in adverts for local businesses. Then Kate had a Eureka moment! Why not have a tablecloth specially designed for children to colour in? she thought. It could be filled with the quirky characters, animals and party food from the many Eggnogg greetings cards she had already illustrated. Instant entertainment at mealtimes, perfect for parties and a great way to keep the kids occupied with something creative and fun.